Thursday, 5 May 2011


Ok - in haste, as I am paying for this access by the minute !
Left Edinburgh, Moodie Senior and Rosemary bright and early on Monday morning.  Had a very busy weekend getting the flat ready for paying tenants, painting various walls and cleaning everything that wasn't screwed down, and quite a few things that were.  Rosemary made it all possible, putting in several days of her Royal Wedding Bank Holiday weekend, in exchange for little more than my sincere thanks and a steady stream of coffee.  Many thanks once again !
Had a quick stop in London, long enough to meet up with Kate and Alan, lunch was had - many thanks once again Kate - before I crawled aboard Virgin Atlantic VS11 to Boston.  Six and a half hours later, I crawled off again and caught a taxi to the Youth Hostel.  Tuesday was hot and sunny, walked for miles and miles, culture, architecture and frustrated techie stuff notwithstanding.  Cooler and overcast today, and after a lot of hours in the Museum, I came out to find it was pouring with rain.  Very wet on the way back to the hostel.
Off to Cleveland tomorrow, so "thats all folks" from Boston - at least for the meantime...
Love to all\


  1. ... well off at last John. Iphone or a cheap laptop with built in wireless may help with comms issue. Did you see the lucky cod while in Boston ?

    go well
    Mike & Ali G

  2. Glad you arrived safely, sounds like good times already! Take care, Elisa x

  3. Hi John,
    Glad you arrived safely. I was told the youth hostel had to be booked weeks ahead and ended up at an expensive hotel. Did you go to the aquarium?
    I hope you have bought a big anti-social automobile!