Monday, 31 October 2011

The Land of the Long White Cloud

OK, a very brief update as time is short and librarian looks mean... Have now been in NZ for about 3 weeks, starting off in Auckland at a backpackers which was a bit manic due to RWC people coming and going. However, managed to buy an extremely large motorcycle on which I plan to explore a great deal of these islands. For those interested, it's a Suzuki GSX 1400, black all over with a full set of luggage and plenty of ooomph ! No problems so far, keeping a low profile on the road while remaining as visible as possible. Stopped by the rozzers on day 1, but only because the bike registration was not showing as being in use by a registered owner. Been up to the Bay of Islands and Cape Reinga, and am now in Dargaville (still north of Auckland), but will shortly be heading down to Taupo and beyond. Hope to spend a good deal of time on South Island, as I have good memories of it and loved it first time round.
Will do a better update shortly as librarian doesn't seem too impressed by my usage of her wifi connection.