Monday, 4 April 2011

The plan so far...

The World is a big old place, and I want to see some more of it before something stops me.  So, I'm going to the United States for 6 months (assuming that Customs let me in..), then I'm going back to New Zealand for 3 months and then Australia for further 3 months.  ETD is 2nd May 2011, so return should be in April or early May of 2012.  Cripes !...  I'm going to try to update this blog as I go along, but that will depend on internet access and inspiration.  Please feel free to comment on my drivel, (constructively if possible), and send me suggestions, ideas and anything else you feel like.

John x  :-)


  1. Best of luck John! Looking forward to hearing about the adventures of the Rev. BBJ!! We've got a good photo of you at your 40th - if I can get the scanner working I'll email it to you. Lots of love & hugs from The MacLaren Clan. xxx

  2. Good on you John, great idea. My only advice, change the picture of you .... collar and tie ... not you anymore really ... something in shorts with a big cigar ... that is what you need. Bets of luck and yes, we'll be following you. cheers from all us hills

  3. What! You still here?
    All the best mate .... when you do eventually get going!


  4. Hey Moodie. Where are you? Have you been sucked into the air intake of your GMC? Hope all is well and your're having fun.

  5. Hiya John, the idea is to send a few updates ... xxxmark