Friday, 24 June 2011

Southwards to the Pole ??

So, from Maine where I last posted...
First things first, as I'm sure you are all wondering. No, the car has behaved virtually impeccably for the last three weeks. Not a stutter or breakdown or anything serious. It even got washed today ! It does have a liking for vibration ( quiet at the back there) and will have to be checked at some point soon. A bit of a judder when braking from virtually any speed, and a definite vibration at specific road speeds, which may or may not be linked to engine speed. Enough of that, however, it still goes and has now carried me and my spartan belongings over 7000 miles. Not bad at all, in just 7 weeks.
From the damp wonders of rainy Maine, I travelled west and then south, through New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and North and South Carolina. I'm currently in South Carolina, near a city called Columbia. I'm camped in a Natl Forest, surrounded by billions of trees, skeeters, clouds and much heat. It's 8 in the evening and its still about 80 degrees F out there. It's also about 95% humidity, so I'm sitting in the car with the engine running the aircon - nice and cool for the moment. The tent is going to be like a sauna when I venture forth...
The journey has been great fun, with loads to see and do, though I haven't been trying to do all the touristy things - I want to see the country, not what the country wants me to see ! The weather has been very changeable, with loads of rain, mostly of the torrential variety, and plenty of heat, much of it very humid. Driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway, over the last couple of days, there has been condensation forming on the outside of the windscreen, caused by the warmth of the outside air and the cold of the air-conditioned interior of the car - bizarre ! I've seen billions and billions of trees, hundreds of mountains, thousands of lakes and streams and rivers, and literally zillions of bugs, many of which commit suicide on my windshield. Have avoided hitting all other wildlife so far, though some deer and a few chipmunks have had close shaves. Other wildlife making an appearance have included a lady elk (I think), wild turkeys, groundhogs, squirrels, ospreys, eagles, tiny froglets and a raccoon. Lots of birds too, including robins (much bigger than UK), blackbirds (red flashes on upper wings), wrens, cardinals and a strange black thing about the size of a turkey but looking a bit like a vulture....
Next on the map are Georgia and Louisiana, with a possible visit to the Atlantic coast before I head inland. Then onwards to the wild west - Texas, New Mexico and Arizona await.
And so too will you, until the next instalment that is.
Lots of love to all my devoted followers - be sure to let anyone else who might be interested know of this site..!
John M. xxx

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  1. Toffee Klammer25 June 2011 at 06:41

    Good to get another update - I was beginning to think this was to be a monthly confessional! Certainly sounds like you're at one with nature, and having a ball navigating the highways and by-ways of the US of A. Great stuff. Can you post photos of your adventure onto this blog? Would be a great addition.... I sense a great offering to travel writing will be the eventual output from this pilgrammage - 'memoirs of a wandering Scot'. Produce a best-seller and you could put your feet up for good! Stay safe and have fun... eagerly awaiting your next thrilling installment.

    Toffee Klammer

    PS does your motor car have a name?